Easton State Theatre - Photography by Elizabeth Judge Wyant

State Theatre
First a bank, then the Neumoyer Theatre, the now State Theatre has a rich and wonderful history, and today represents the community's commitment to the arts. The State Theatre was built in 1873 as Northampton National Bank. The massive and elaborate granite beaux art facade was a style used often for commercial and public buildings because of the feeling of confidence and dependability that particular architecture exuded. In 1910, the interior was demolished, but the facade and entrance way were maintained. The building then housed the 500 seat Neumoyer Theatre, home to vaudeville acts and silent films. In 1925 the theatre closed to make way for a new larger theatre designed by Architect William Lee of Philadelphia, and inspired by the Davanzanti Palace of Florence, Italy.
Easton, PA 6/1/2013

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